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Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University (UFRJ).
The University released the grades of the exam, and… I’m in.

That’s enough for today!



Quicky News!

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Hello, my fellas!
First post of 2009! Well, quick post today to tell you guys somethings…

For one: I’m doing my countdown for my birthday! Yaaaaay!
In ten days from now I’ll celebrate my 19th birthday!

Second stuff is that I took quite some time yesterday to clean up my JUNO-D and intend to do the same with SH-201 today.
Maybe even clean up my mixer and stuff at my desk but, not probably. I like this whole clean up stuff and like to keep things organized but the mess is pretty huge and it’s lazying me down.

The third thing is that I found out Mattias Norén website!
Yes, the guy who made A LOT of album covers for a lot of artists, like Evergrey‘s “Torn” (2008), Andromeda‘s “II=I” (2003) and Kotipelto‘s “Coldness” (2004).
“Okay, you found his webpage… so what?!”

There I found out that he sells huge prints of his artwork! I didn’t know about it, but he made, as well, Michael Pinnella‘s “Enter by the Twelfth Gate” (2004), and it’s one of my favorite albums and album covers ever!
A 50×70 cm print costs about 50 dollars, so, I really intend to buy one!

Michael Pinnella’s “Enter by the Twelfth Gate” (2004)

Oh, and for those who don’t know any of the artists I listed today, here’s a tip: go check ’em out, for God’s sake!

That’s it!

Happy New Year

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2008 Ending Festival – Part II

Hey guys!
Just posting today to wish you a very happy year end! And I really hope your – actually, our – brand new year to be better than every other one we had so far! Hope it’s full of success and happiness!

Great hugs for all you guys here and everywhere!
I wish you all and your beloved ones the very best of this world!

Got to thank my great buddy Nilton Algreen for the great help with the top image this time! Be sure to check out his DeviantART, the guy is awesome! Thank you dude, very much!

Cya in 2009, folks!

Tube Toys!

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Hey hey!
I have some huge news!

First, let me tell you why these are huge news: Since a lot of time ago (probably a year or more) I’ve been looking foward to get a tube overdrive pedal (or preamp, or whatever) to warm up my SH-201 lead sounds. I’ve always wanted to add that tube flavor to my lead sections.

Although there’s a lot of tube overdrive simulations out there and, as a matter of fact, some of them are amazingly great, they still miss something. Actual tube overdrives are fuller, cleaner and more powerful.
After some time asking guitar player friends of mine – those string guys really know everything about that whole tube stuff – what could I get, or what should I look for in some pedals or preamps I might see in stores or whichever tips they could gimme about it, I kinda figured out that I wouldn’t find anywhere what I was looking for. The solution was to buy a handmade custom tubed preamp to fit my necessities.

But, sometime ago, I found out this tube microphone preamp made by Behringer. It cost’s only R$250.00 (something about US$100.00). I intend to try it and see how it improves my sound and, if I like the result, buy it.

Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200

But, the whole point of this post is to annouce that a great friend of mine, Andy Ferreira – also a guitar player -, lent me his own tube overdrive pedal, so I can check out how actual tubes would improve my sound!
He came here yesterday for a jam section and some recordings with me and, and when we got out for dinner, the whole topic about tubes came up and he told me I could borrow his pedal for some time! Thank you, Andy! Very much!

This pedal was made by a Brazilian company named Meteoro, and it’s kind of a clone of a Mesa Boogie pedal, the V-Twin, and it’s built with two Sovtek 12AX7 tubes. Sounds REALLY awesome! I just need some time to get deeper into it and I’ll publish some recordings with it!
Believe me, you’ll love it!

If, neither with an overdrive pedal or with a mic preamp I get the results I want, I’ll probably get a custom handmade piece of gear anyway, so… Either way, I’ll get my tube sounds! :D

I don’t understand – yet – shit anything about tubes and stuff, but I’m starting to enter that whole world. So, maybe in some time, I might be able to say some things here about them!

One interesting thing to check out is the KORG’s Triton Extreme’s Valve Force. It’s a built-in tube that really improves the sound, and, was also inspired by this instrument that I had this whole idea.
You can check out information about KORG’s Triton Extreme here. Be sure to check out some audio demos with Valve Force on. It’s really amazing!

KORG’s Triton Extreme Valve Force

The credits for the lots of information about tubes and everything go to some friends of mine but, mainly to João Vitor Leal and Andy Ferreira!
Andy plays guitar in a Hard Rock band named Surrender. Check out TheirSpace (hehe)! João, unfortunately has no website so you can’t check out his music.
Anyway, thank you guys!!!

Cya, guys!

Merry Christmas!

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2008 Ending Festival – Part I

Hey hey!
Today is Christmas Eve! Let’s have some music in this mood!

Well… Although I’m not Christian, I like that whole getting together stuff, people being kind to each other, great midnight meals with a lot of turkey, ham and many many goodies!… Anyway, I think we should act like this the whole year but, unfortunately, things aren’t like that.

Hope you guys have a nice time with your friends and families!

And if any of you who’s reading SynthesizerZ are part of a culture which doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’m sorry if you feel offended with the post.
Quoting Jem Godfrey, Happy __________ (insert appropriate Winter Festival title depending on your belief system here)!

Sound Silliness

A little outtake from the Christmas sections!

Cya, folks!

SH-201 – “Skreammer” Patch

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Sound Demonstration

Hey you guys again!
Today I’m going to show you one of my very favorite sounds from my SH-201. It’s actually – at least for me – my masterpiece in synthesis. The choice of showing it for you today has to do with the news I’m telling you later on in this post.
When I started to develop this one, I wanted it to sound uniquely and to be recognized some time in the future as a signature sound of my own.

It’s called – as you can see in the title of the post – Skreammer! You’ll find out why soon.
It took me a lot of work to get the final result and I hope you all will like it. So here it is:

Patches Demo nº 6(66) – Skreammer


So here is the news!

Well, don’t know if you guys already knew that but me and Ren B (remember him? from Holokinesis) used to play in a band together. Back there we had this project of concept album that is very complex and, forgive my lack of humbleness now, extremely good. Last year, unfortunately, Ren left the band – I didn’t – and the other members of the band chosen to discontinue the project. They thought it was very hard to compose music and write lyrics based on that concept and, eventually, they gave up of it.
I didn’t agree with them, but what could I do?

Yesterday, while me and Danilo Tavares (other guy who’s working with us at HK and a great friend of mine) were at my place hanging out, the whole topic about that concept album came in and I showed him a couple of songs and did some more explanations about it.
For my surprise, he liked it even harder than I thought he would and asked me why it wasn’t being developed anymore. I told him the whole story and – sorry for being repetitive – he surprised me once again! He offered himself to help us – me and Ren – to finish the whole thing!
Of course I accepted the offer and so did Ren.
So, the big news is: our masterpiece is back. Not as a band project, but as a great Holokinesis production!

The name of the album is I. It can be read as ‘number one’ or as the personal pronoun ‘I’.
I won’t give you guys much details about it now, but I can tell you that it’s a thriller and has to do with a guy struggling inside his own head about an apparent murder. It even has a mirror labyrinth named Pandemonium.
I assure you’re gonna love it!

P.S: Skreammer was developed for this album and the recording I’ve uploaded are actually from the the introduction of the album.


Nice SynthZ update!

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Hey you guys!
Comming today – again – to announce some cool stuff here!
Well, you all must already have called me some bad names for making you guys download audio files to listen to the sound demonstrations over here. Well, until this week, I haven’t even think about the option of placing a embed audio player on each post. Yes, sometimes I am that stupid. Sorry for that.

I went through some researches here and there and found out that WordPress has it’s own embed audio player: one little customizable flash plug-in. And as 4Shared doesn’t let us just play files from the browser, it forces the user to download it, I rent some space on Ren B’s server! :D Pretty clever of mine, huh? Eeer… No. Idiot.

After uploading all the audio files I posted here to the server, I replaced every download link to the embed audio player so you guys won’t have to download shit anything to your computers to listen to stuff here!
Every single post on both “Sound Demonstration” and “Recordings” categories have, now, their own audio player – and some of them, more than one!

So, this is what the audio player looks like and this track was recorded more than one year ago and all the sounds come from JUNO-D (sorry for the horrible guitar patch)… and that’s it.
Hope you like it!

Dream Theater’s Honor thy Father by Breno Ronchini

“The Day After” -Edit

Sorry, sorry! I forgot to write this stuff yesterday!
Now, as you can see on the blog menu, you guys can subscribe to SynthesizerZ by simply clicking on that nice image – pretty cool indeed huh? I’m very impressed with myself, hehe – on the top of it!
As usual, I’ll show you here as well:

So… that’s it!