About the SynthesizerZ Project

The Project

SynthesizerZ is a project about Synths, Workstations, Keyboards, Modules, and many other equipments and gear that have to do with this subject. I’ll write as best as I can about the wonders of this incredible world of creating sounds.
I intend to tell you the many specifications, features and applicabilities of those new – maybe not completely new – Synths, so you can learn somethings about ’em, and maybe, it can help you at the time of buying one! ;)

The People

The writer of this blog will be me, most of the time. If any other person helps me with it, I will let you know.
I’m an eighteen years old guy, who’s pretty much addicted to synthesizers. I really LOVE creating my own sounds, and I really like to learn more and more about it. That’s why I read a lot about the new stuff on the market, and try to understand how they work.
I wanted to make some good with this kind of ‘knowledge’, so I decided to share it.
Hope you all like it.

For more information about me, visit the About the Author page. :)

Welcome to SynthesizerZ!

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