JUNO-D – “Xylorimba” Patch

Sound Demonstration

Patches Demo nº 9 – Xylorimba

Hey there again!
Well, let me tell you how this patch was created and what inspired me to make it. Me and Renato Borges were hanging out and then he told me about this instrument, the Xylorimba, which is a Xylophone with an extended range.
The name is pretty funny and I thought it was worth trying to create a sound mixing…. Yeah, you thought that too, right? I know, I’m not a genius, but…

Anyway! I turned my synthesizer on and started to browse through the various Xylophone and Marimba’s waveforms and found these two I used to create the patch. Of course you noticed that I inserted a delay effect on the patch.

For sometimes the delay changes the sound a little bit, I made three recordings: the original patch – which you can check out on top of this post -, the patch without the delay, and only the delay.
Let’s check ’em out!

Xylorimba – Pure

As you can see, the Xylophone sounds one octave above the Marimba. And also some cents of tone up, as well. This detuning gives the sound some sort of “natural chorus” that I really really enjoy!
Actually, using this trick between synth waveforms you can easily create very nice sounds on a vintage synthesizer! Try it!

Xylorimba – Delay only

And that’s only the delay! Pure, bright and a little mixed down by itself, but, in the whole thing, it adds very much to the sound!

Now, go check out the “Portadrive” SH-201 patch!

Cya soon!

~ by Breno Ronchini on March 8, 2009.

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