JUNO-D – Orchestral Patch

Sound Demonstration

Patches Demo nº 7 (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance – Main Theme)

Hello you guys again!
It’s been a while since I last post here, I know, many things going on these days and I’ll tell you guys (almost) everything about it later on. Now let’s focus on my new patch! :D

Well, inspired by a friend on Jordan Rudess’ forum on Orkut, who did an amazing job mixing together his KORG OASYS and the totally awesome VSTi Symphobia by ProjectSAM to get a REALLY huge and awesome orchestral sound, I decided to take my little JUNO-D – yeah, I know it’s not much but… it’ll do the job – and create a nice orchestral patch.
Of course it’s not even close to what César did, but, hope you guys like it.

To give you guys a simple explanation of what the patch is made, I’ll tell you it’s a simple combination of a string ensemble and a brass ensemble. The timpani you hear was recorded separately.

If you guys want to check out César’s awesome job, just watch this video:

César Zolhof rocking his OASYS and Symphobia

That’s if for today,
Cya, guys!


~ by Breno Ronchini on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “JUNO-D – Orchestral Patch”

  1. Hey man !
    Nice patch !
    But I prefer the good old motherfuckin’ Skreamer hahaha
    c-ya, dude !!!!

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