Quicky News!


Hello, my fellas!
First post of 2009! Well, quick post today to tell you guys somethings…

For one: I’m doing my countdown for my birthday! Yaaaaay!
In ten days from now I’ll celebrate my 19th birthday!

Second stuff is that I took quite some time yesterday to clean up my JUNO-D and intend to do the same with SH-201 today.
Maybe even clean up my mixer and stuff at my desk but, not probably. I like this whole clean up stuff and like to keep things organized but the mess is pretty huge and it’s lazying me down.

The third thing is that I found out Mattias Norén website!
Yes, the guy who made A LOT of album covers for a lot of artists, like Evergrey‘s “Torn” (2008), Andromeda‘s “II=I” (2003) and Kotipelto‘s “Coldness” (2004).
“Okay, you found his webpage… so what?!”

There I found out that he sells huge prints of his artwork! I didn’t know about it, but he made, as well, Michael Pinnella‘s “Enter by the Twelfth Gate” (2004), and it’s one of my favorite albums and album covers ever!
A 50×70 cm print costs about 50 dollars, so, I really intend to buy one!

Michael Pinnella’s “Enter by the Twelfth Gate” (2004)

Oh, and for those who don’t know any of the artists I listed today, here’s a tip: go check ’em out, for God’s sake!

That’s it!


~ by Breno Ronchini on January 3, 2009.

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