Tube Toys!


Hey hey!
I have some huge news!

First, let me tell you why these are huge news: Since a lot of time ago (probably a year or more) I’ve been looking foward to get a tube overdrive pedal (or preamp, or whatever) to warm up my SH-201 lead sounds. I’ve always wanted to add that tube flavor to my lead sections.

Although there’s a lot of tube overdrive simulations out there and, as a matter of fact, some of them are amazingly great, they still miss something. Actual tube overdrives are fuller, cleaner and more powerful.
After some time asking guitar player friends of mine – those string guys really know everything about that whole tube stuff – what could I get, or what should I look for in some pedals or preamps I might see in stores or whichever tips they could gimme about it, I kinda figured out that I wouldn’t find anywhere what I was looking for. The solution was to buy a handmade custom tubed preamp to fit my necessities.

But, sometime ago, I found out this tube microphone preamp made by Behringer. It cost’s only R$250.00 (something about US$100.00). I intend to try it and see how it improves my sound and, if I like the result, buy it.

Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200

But, the whole point of this post is to annouce that a great friend of mine, Andy Ferreira – also a guitar player -, lent me his own tube overdrive pedal, so I can check out how actual tubes would improve my sound!
He came here yesterday for a jam section and some recordings with me and, and when we got out for dinner, the whole topic about tubes came up and he told me I could borrow his pedal for some time! Thank you, Andy! Very much!

This pedal was made by a Brazilian company named Meteoro, and it’s kind of a clone of a Mesa Boogie pedal, the V-Twin, and it’s built with two Sovtek 12AX7 tubes. Sounds REALLY awesome! I just need some time to get deeper into it and I’ll publish some recordings with it!
Believe me, you’ll love it!

If, neither with an overdrive pedal or with a mic preamp I get the results I want, I’ll probably get a custom handmade piece of gear anyway, so… Either way, I’ll get my tube sounds! :D

I don’t understand – yet – shit anything about tubes and stuff, but I’m starting to enter that whole world. So, maybe in some time, I might be able to say some things here about them!

One interesting thing to check out is the KORG’s Triton Extreme’s Valve Force. It’s a built-in tube that really improves the sound, and, was also inspired by this instrument that I had this whole idea.
You can check out information about KORG’s Triton Extreme here. Be sure to check out some audio demos with Valve Force on. It’s really amazing!

KORG’s Triton Extreme Valve Force

The credits for the lots of information about tubes and everything go to some friends of mine but, mainly to João Vitor Leal and Andy Ferreira!
Andy plays guitar in a Hard Rock band named Surrender. Check out TheirSpace (hehe)! João, unfortunately has no website so you can’t check out his music.
Anyway, thank you guys!!!

Cya, guys!


~ by Breno Ronchini on December 27, 2008.

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