SH-201 – “Skreammer” Patch

Sound Demonstration

Hey you guys again!
Today I’m going to show you one of my very favorite sounds from my SH-201. It’s actually – at least for me – my masterpiece in synthesis. The choice of showing it for you today has to do with the news I’m telling you later on in this post.
When I started to develop this one, I wanted it to sound uniquely and to be recognized some time in the future as a signature sound of my own.

It’s called – as you can see in the title of the post – Skreammer! You’ll find out why soon.
It took me a lot of work to get the final result and I hope you all will like it. So here it is:

Patches Demo nº 6(66) – Skreammer


So here is the news!

Well, don’t know if you guys already knew that but me and Ren B (remember him? from Holokinesis) used to play in a band together. Back there we had this project of concept album that is very complex and, forgive my lack of humbleness now, extremely good. Last year, unfortunately, Ren left the band – I didn’t – and the other members of the band chosen to discontinue the project. They thought it was very hard to compose music and write lyrics based on that concept and, eventually, they gave up of it.
I didn’t agree with them, but what could I do?

Yesterday, while me and Danilo Tavares (other guy who’s working with us at HK and a great friend of mine) were at my place hanging out, the whole topic about that concept album came in and I showed him a couple of songs and did some more explanations about it.
For my surprise, he liked it even harder than I thought he would and asked me why it wasn’t being developed anymore. I told him the whole story and – sorry for being repetitive – he surprised me once again! He offered himself to help us – me and Ren – to finish the whole thing!
Of course I accepted the offer and so did Ren.
So, the big news is: our masterpiece is back. Not as a band project, but as a great Holokinesis production!

The name of the album is I. It can be read as ‘number one’ or as the personal pronoun ‘I’.
I won’t give you guys much details about it now, but I can tell you that it’s a thriller and has to do with a guy struggling inside his own head about an apparent murder. It even has a mirror labyrinth named Pandemonium.
I assure you’re gonna love it!

P.S: Skreammer was developed for this album and the recording I’ve uploaded are actually from the the introduction of the album.



~ by Breno Ronchini on December 22, 2008.

One Response to “SH-201 – “Skreammer” Patch”

  1. It’s great to see ‘I’ back to the working table! I never wanted it to die, there really is some yummy juice out of that fruit. After all, that’s where Skreammer was born, and if we have that as a parameter, we can hope to see a LOT of great stuff rising off it.
    Thanks for sharing the production!

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