Nice SynthZ update!


Hey you guys!
Comming today – again – to announce some cool stuff here!
Well, you all must already have called me some bad names for making you guys download audio files to listen to the sound demonstrations over here. Well, until this week, I haven’t even think about the option of placing a embed audio player on each post. Yes, sometimes I am that stupid. Sorry for that.

I went through some researches here and there and found out that WordPress has it’s own embed audio player: one little customizable flash plug-in. And as 4Shared doesn’t let us just play files from the browser, it forces the user to download it, I rent some space on Ren B’s server! :D Pretty clever of mine, huh? Eeer… No. Idiot.

After uploading all the audio files I posted here to the server, I replaced every download link to the embed audio player so you guys won’t have to download shit anything to your computers to listen to stuff here!
Every single post on both “Sound Demonstration” and “Recordings” categories have, now, their own audio player – and some of them, more than one!

So, this is what the audio player looks like and this track was recorded more than one year ago and all the sounds come from JUNO-D (sorry for the horrible guitar patch)… and that’s it.
Hope you like it!

Dream Theater’s Honor thy Father by Breno Ronchini

“The Day After” -Edit

Sorry, sorry! I forgot to write this stuff yesterday!
Now, as you can see on the blog menu, you guys can subscribe to SynthesizerZ by simply clicking on that nice image – pretty cool indeed huh? I’m very impressed with myself, hehe – on the top of it!
As usual, I’ll show you here as well:

So… that’s it!

~ by Breno Ronchini on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “Nice SynthZ update!”

  1. Awesome idea Breno!
    Much more comfortable to listen to your audio demonstrations.
    By the way, Fantastic Honor Thy father’s “version”.
    SZ is getting better each time I visit.

    see ya

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