SH-201 – Lead Sounds

Sound Demonstration

First SH-201 Sound Demonstration here! Yahoo!

Well, I’m gonna tell you why I chose these specific recordings to show you guys today. About half an hour ago, I decided to record some demo song with three or four of my SH-201 sounds. I stardet it but with some problems with Sonar and me screwing up the recordings I gave up.
I remembered I had some lead recordings and decided to publish them instead of just giving the post up.

These recordings are pretty old, they have almost 2 years now, so, please don’t pay attention to my technical mistakes!

The lead sounds you’ll hear are basically a Pulse waveform and a Super Saw mixed together, passing through a LPF modulated by a simple trapezoidal waveform LFO. I didn’t applyied any external FX, the Reverb and Delay come directly from the SH-201 as well.
Oh, and the second lead sound has the same basic configuration. It’s only difference is on the Filter settings.

The original solos were made by Michael Pinnella from Symphony X, and they’re from “The Odyssey” and “Rediscovery Segue”.

Patches Demo nº 4 – Symphony X’s The Odyssey Solo



~ by Breno Ronchini on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “SH-201 – Lead Sounds”

  1. Such a honor to have you on Holokinesis! =D

  2. Muito bom cara, o timbre está ótimo e idêntico!!

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