The Japanese Jazz Pianist


Hey guys!
Last night, just after I published the Overture 1928 post, I was searching stuff on Orkut and I’ve opened a topic about this Japanese pianist. People were talking about how she is awesome and stuff and I decided to watch her playing.
I did the right choice. I got REALLY amazed by her. She’s fantastic! I was so amazed that I decided to write it here, so, let’s go!

Hiromi Uehara

The way Hiromi Uehara feels the music, her body expression, her technique, her interpretation… Everything is extremely beyond what I’ve ever imagined about a musician of this level!
Watching her playing gives me the sensation of watching a four year old girl playing with dolls. She passes the sensation that music can be extremely technical, expressive and relaxed, for funny, you know?

I’ve always watched people playing many different and extremely challenging notes and rhythms, and they always gave me the feeling of concentration and commitment to every finger movement. Being extremely careful sometimes makes you look like you’re stressed or whatever. Not that I’m saying that Marc André Hameling or Nelson Freire or Martha Argerich play like they’re nervous or worried or like they’re doing much effort to play, or simply not relaxed. No.
I’m just saying Hiromi passed me the amazing sensation of the real thing of playing for fun.

I’ll post here two videos of her performance: The first one is her live performance of one of her songs, released on the album Spiral (2006) and it’s called “Return of Kung-Fu World Champion”.
The other one is a live performance with Chick Corea, of Summertime, originally composed by
George Gershwin.

“Return of Kung-Fu World Champion”, by Hiromi Uehara

“Summertime“, by Hiromi Uehara and Chick Corea

For more information about Hiromi, you can check out her oficial website: or her article on Wikipedia!



~ by Breno Ronchini on October 31, 2008.

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