“Overture 1928” by Dream Theater


Hey you guys again!
Today the blogroll stuff is just for saying I’m excited about some new stuff here! I got the scores from “Dream Theater Keyboard Anthology” a keyboard songbook that gathers almost twenty songs transcribed by Chris Romero and revised by Jordan Rudess! I liked it so bad that I intend to buy it soon!

If any of you guys like Dream Theater and like to play their music, I highly recommend this book! Really a must-have!

Recording – Overture 1928

This recording is only for fun, I’m going to record the keyboard lines Rudess wrote for this song – with, of course, some facilitations, because… well, you know: Rudess wrote it!! – and ask some friends of mine to record bass, guitar and everything.

The whole idea came up when I got Rudess’ synth solo alone on a MP3 file. I thought it would be interesting to “have a recording of me jamming with Rudess”. Pretty silly by itself but… I like to think about it in this way. HAHA. Idiot.

Actually the recording is not done yet, so I’ll only publish 50 seconds of it: the synth solos part! Yeah, Rudess and I threwing out on our keys and rocking this shit it off!
ll also notice that there’s no bass either guitar tracks on it. The drums are sampled from my JUNO-D so, really really please don’t get too critical on that part.
You can call me names about replacing Petrucci’s solo but… I hope you like it.

The strings and organ sounds come from my JUNO-D. The lead sound is a combination of two or three patches from KORG’s Wavestation softsynth.
Rudess’ solo patch comes from his K2600XS. HAHA. Idiot once again.

I hope I finish it soon so I can publish the whole file here. Once again: hope you like it!

Scene Two: I. Overture 1928 by Dream Theater, Breno Ronchini’s version – with Rudess’ Original Synth Solo (DEMO)



~ by Breno Ronchini on October 30, 2008.

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