Oh my God! Yesterday I found out that on thirty days from now I’ll be doing my Specific Ability Exam in order to get to College. I’ll have to perform a Béla Bartok’s pieces from Mikrokosmos series, a free-choice piece and a song they’ll gimme the score there. In addition to the performance I’ll do a written exam as well.
Well, I suppose I won’t have big troubles with playing but, it’s frightening to think this performance will be conclusive for entering (or not) in college.
I intend to study Composition at the Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University (UFRJ). My grandfather’s grandfather, Ernesto Ronchini, used to teach there (as well as his son, Mario Ronchini), and also was regent of their Orchestra on many performances.

My desire of studing music gathered with the family’s history with that College, is the reason for I’m freaking out very anxious about that exam.

Hope I do great on it!

News and Random stuff!

Well, I downloaded the Nintendo DS emulator in order to play the KORG DS-10 Synthesizer on it. It worked pretty well but, unfortunately the sound of the ROM isn’t that great. It’s pretty distorted and I believe it’s some compatibility or configuration problem. I’ll have to try it for real on my friend’s NDS. Hope it to be soon.

A plenty of time ago I found out about this company named Forat. One of their services is synth and samplers customization.
When I discovered their website I found out they had customized Marcus Brown’s (Madonna’s keyboard player) gear. It consists of Roland’s Fantom X7, SH-201 and V-Synth and the Clavia’s Nord Lead 3.
Forat made them all white and… they got freaking beautiful! I got amazed with their service’s quality.
It’s really impressive. Believe me.

Now, when I was on their website to get the links for pictures of Marcus’ gear, I saw the most amazing Fantom X I’ve ever seen… it’s black!!!

Customized Roland’s Fantom X8

Marcus Brown’s customized gear

For more information about Forat and more customized products check out their website!
Customized Products Gallery

Sound Silliness

Last night I was experimenting with loops and arpeggiator patterns with my JUNO-D and had the great idea of recording some stuff. I did it.

After recording the synth stuff – with the arpeggiator, I was only looking for having fun – I decided to add more to it. I added some samples, made some edition on them and mixed it…
The result came out much better than I thought and even funnier.
Hope you get some laughs with it!

Sound Silliness Number One!



~ by Breno Ronchini on August 28, 2008.

One Response to “Solicitude!”

  1. Oh my fuking god! the black FX8 is awesome! *.*
    I want one for me HAHAHAHA.

    Hey man,The Disco is very funny hahaha,and it has a surprising end.
    very nice ;)

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