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Hello again, you guys! :)
First of all, I would like to thank you! The blog got over a thousand page views and an average of forty nine visits on the past six days! Thank you VERY MUCH! I really hope you guys are enjoying this blog and getting some interesting information!
Thanks one more time!

Well, I won’t post a synth review today, but I’ll comment some patches of mine. :)
This will be the first post of the section Sound Demonstration, on which I’ll publish some sounds of my own (recorded on mp3 files) and comment it’s elements and process of creation.

Hope you like it!

Sound Demonstration

Patches Demo nº1 (Full recording)

Well, many of you must find those sounds pretty silly but it took a lot of time to get to together all those layers in a specific way and get the final result of it.

There are mainly three sounds on the Demo, which I also exported separately for better recognition.

First Element

This sound is based on three different patches:
1 – An Acoustic 12-string Guitar patch;
2 – A kind of bell like sound, passing through a Low-Pass filter with high Resonance and low Cutoff Frequency;
3 – A soft Pad that sounds like some “fancy” Sine Pad.
MFX – None

Second Element

Made by the merging of two bell like sounds. Both running through a Low-Pass filter.
MFX – None

Third Element

A pretty soft Sine Lead, with a high attack and release of the Amplifier envelope. On this patch, three Sine waves are being generated, for achieving a more bright and harmonically rich sound.
MFX – Enhancer

I applied the Cakewalk’s FXReverb (from Sonar 7) on those three elements.

You’ll also notice some wind chimes on the beginning. This one is a Preset sound, just for fun! :)



~ by Breno Ronchini on August 26, 2008.

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