The final countdown!


Just posting now for the matter of saying this will be the last post with this computer! Soon I’m going at my fathers to bring home my new PC. He’s not at home right now, so, I’ll have to wait some time.
Well, after getting the computer back home, I’ll have to deal with something even worse: setting my room in order. Things here are pretty out of place. My keyboard stand is on the center of the room, there are many cables over the whole place, magazines on the floor, pants and shirts on the bed and more disordered stuff all around. The computer is on the floor, beside my desk. Getting it on the place it was supposed to be is really complicated: I have to move the hole desk, one really large speaker – which is very heavy as well – then connect all the cables while sitting on the floor uncomfortably and getting my back screwed up.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to set things in order here. It’s getting me nervous. I really hate disorders.

Well… I wrote today a page about me. Yeah, that silly questions you see in almost everywhere well… I got them too! :D
Here is the link for the About the Author page!

Today I commented on Jem Godfrey’s blog, The New Cube. Hope he approves the comment and, hopefully we can get in touch!

News (I just want another headline)

Last week a friend of mine – who actually is the lead singer in my band – told me about this KORG’s synthesizer for Nintendo DS. It’s called DS-10. He got it and I’ll check it out soon!
I’ll write here some things about it. For more information about it visit AQ Interactive’s website.

KORG’s DS-10 for Nintendo DS

This month I intend to subscribe a Brazilian keyboard magazine called “Teclado & Piano” – “teclado” is the Portuguese word for “keyboard”. It has some really cool articles, interviews, reviews, scores and tips about the subject. I have five or six editions and they are great. One of them has a Roland’s V-Synth GT review, another has the Line 6′ Tone Port keyboard which is also a very amazing piece of gear!
Also, since I registered my M-Audio PCI Audio Card on their website, it was offered to me three editions of the north American magazine “Keyboard” for free. Of course I asked for it. Hope to get it.

Brazilian “Teclado & Piano” Magazine by HMP

This week articles – at least, I intend to:
Roland’s V-Synth GT and Yamaha’s MOTIF XS
Hope you guys come to check it out!



~ by Breno Ronchini on August 17, 2008.

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  1. Wow! Even synthesizers have gone palm size nowadays! Happy WW! :)

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