Some Updates


Just for letting you know, I have also created this page: Synthesis Glossary & Concepts, in which I intend to explain some basic knowledge about synthesis. Hope it’s useful for you guys.

Today I made some images to the next post about Roland’s Fantom Series, so, this week I’ll probably finish it.

Well, I am pretty often adding some links here to your right, to some cool sites I find, but, I haven’t commented it not once, so, I’ll do it.

Vintage Synth Explorer: A really cool site about Vintage Synths, as it’s name already says. You can find specifications, date of release, similar products and curiosities about the product you’re looking for.
Gearwire & Sonic State: Two cool sites about what’s new on the market. They talk not only about synths and keyboards, but all technological equipment that has to do with music production or playback at all.
Roland, Roland US, KORG, OpenLabs & East West: Companies’ websites. You can find information about their products and samples, demo’s, videos, articles, news and interviews about it as well.


Well.. that’s it for tonight.

~ by Breno Ronchini on August 5, 2008.

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