Still waiting…


Hey there. Just writing to say a few stuff.
For one, my computer is still fucked passing through hard times :( My father, who’s a computer expert is working on it – yeah, my pc is really fucked up – but he is going into a trip tonight, so, he will only continue the ‘virtual healing process’ next monday. Well… without my stuff until there.
But… HEY!! Today I had a great idea – bah, not that great. I should have done this some weeks ago. I pluged in my old computer :) So I can use internet and post here whenever I wish and blabla.

So, let’s continue… The second cool stuff is that I’m on my way to install Eastwest’s Quantum Leap Ra. “The Ultimate Definitive Rare and Ethnic Virtual Instrument”. I got to install it in a few days, and then record some stuff to show you guys here. Some people I talked to said it is the most amazing software for ethnic instruments and that stuff that I really enjoy. Don’t know if it’s because Jordan Rudess’ influence on me, but, I don’t believe so. Since I was young I was really into sitars, bagpipes, tablas, and aaaaall that flavour and (very) different nuances of those instrument and it’s various timbers. Of course – don’t need to say – I will really enjoy it.

East West’s Quantum Leap Ra

Well… let’s carry on to recordings and stuff. I’ll not present anything today :(
I’m not into digging some old stuff to upload here just for saying ‘well, I did it’. Once my PC is back, I’ll record some fresh stuff!


~ by Breno Ronchini on July 25, 2008.

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