Roland’s SH-201


Almost brand new from Roland, the SH-201 provides you a whole world of Analog Synthesis. The SH-201 can store a total of 32 User Patches, besides the 32 Preset. Using the D-Beam, along with many knobs and sliders, and a well set up Expression Pedal, you can have some of the most amazing sounds you have ever created.

The Basic
The SH-201 is equipped with two layers, each one with two different oscillators that can be set up to nine different types of waveforms: Sawtooth, Square, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Feedback Oscillator and Super Saw – both Roland exclusive waveforms -, Noise and an External Input waveform (you can connect any analog or digital audio player to the SH-201, then play it as an waveform).
The Synth also has three different types of filter: Low-Pass, High-Pass and Band-Pass Filters – you can actually turn the filter off, by selecting the Bypass mode -, Overdrive, Effects like Delay and Reverb, and much more.

Let’s talk about creating some sounds on it.
With the feature of two layers, we can use up to four waveforms on our sound, making it heavier, fattier, brighter and much more alive. You can set up those layers to Dual, Split or Single, according to how you want your sound to be.
You can have many different parameters in each layer, for instance, one with portamento (glide) and other with an staccato effect.
But, let’s focus on one layer per time.

Roland’s SH-201

As I told you, you can set your oscillators up to nine different waveforms, three of them have an ‘exclusive’ parameter – which can be modified by the knob “PW/FeedBack” -: the Pulse Wave, Feedback Oscillator and the Super Saw waveforms.
This knob will act specifying the amount of Feedback on the sound, the width of the high portion of the pulse waveform, and the amount of pitch spread between the seven Sawtooth waveforms layered on the Super Saw wave.
The other parameters that can be used by all of the waveforms are the Pitch (by semitone steps) and the Detune (by cents of tone).



~ by Breno Ronchini on August 28, 2007.

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