“Up To Eleven” Impromptu

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Lead section improvisation

Synth used is the SH-201 by Roland. Backing track from GuitarBT.
Hope you like it!

For High Definition video at Vimeo, just click here.

Audio-only version:
Breno Ronchini – “Up To Eleven” Impromptu

Any problems, you can check it out at SoundCloud.



African Drums

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“L’Africa” by Breno Ronchini

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but this is just a quick post. I’ll write somethings a lot bigger quite soon.

I just composed and recorded this piece. It uses only EWQL Ra patches and two samples from SoundIdeas.
The idea was to compose a jam session by a native african tribe, at night.
Hope you like it!

Breno Ronchini – L’Africa


SH-201 – “Portadrive” Patch

•March 8, 2009 • 1 Comment

Sound Demonstration

Well, hello again, people!

This sound is from my “Favorites List”! I call it “Portadrive”. You’ll see why!

Actually, I’m looking foward to show this patch for you for quite some time now, but I didn’t have a nice melody to play with it! Actually, I do have some riffs and melodies made for this particular sound, but I don’t want to share them yet! HAHA Yeah! Silly but… I intend to keep them close to the chest while they’re not on any song!

First, I’ll talk about the melody I created for this demonstration – which I’ll probably use further on a song or something! ;)
Inspired by Guthrie Govan’s “Fives” and ELP’s “Tarkus”, I decided to create a melody using Sus Chords and intervals of fifths most of the time, and this melody came up.

It sounds pretty cool and fits perfectly with the patch!
Now, enough talking and let’s check the sound out!

Patches Demo nº 10 – Portadrive

This sound consists of two layers. The first one is made of two Super Saw waveforms, one’s sounding one octave above the other. The lower one has a dedicated LFO modulating the amount of pitch set between the many sawtooth waveforms, and how they’re organized in the sound, giving a little crunchy aspect to the sound.
The second layer is a combination of sine and square waveforms, both passing through an overdrive.
Check out both layers:

Portadrive – First Layer

Portadrive – Second Layer

Well, this is it for today, guys!
Hope you all like what I sho

Cya soon!

JUNO-D – “Xylorimba” Patch

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Sound Demonstration

Patches Demo nº 9 – Xylorimba

Hey there again!
Well, let me tell you how this patch was created and what inspired me to make it. Me and Renato Borges were hanging out and then he told me about this instrument, the Xylorimba, which is a Xylophone with an extended range.
The name is pretty funny and I thought it was worth trying to create a sound mixing…. Yeah, you thought that too, right? I know, I’m not a genius, but…

Anyway! I turned my synthesizer on and started to browse through the various Xylophone and Marimba’s waveforms and found these two I used to create the patch. Of course you noticed that I inserted a delay effect on the patch.

For sometimes the delay changes the sound a little bit, I made three recordings: the original patch – which you can check out on top of this post -, the patch without the delay, and only the delay.
Let’s check ’em out!

Xylorimba – Pure

As you can see, the Xylophone sounds one octave above the Marimba. And also some cents of tone up, as well. This detuning gives the sound some sort of “natural chorus” that I really really enjoy!
Actually, using this trick between synth waveforms you can easily create very nice sounds on a vintage synthesizer! Try it!

Xylorimba – Delay only

And that’s only the delay! Pure, bright and a little mixed down by itself, but, in the whole thing, it adds very much to the sound!

Now, go check out the “Portadrive” SH-201 patch!

Cya soon!

Song Demonstration!!!

•February 17, 2009 • 3 Comments

Sound & Song Demonstration

Patches Demo nº 8 (“Split Riff”)

Hey fellas!
I’m really excited today! Lemme tell you why.
For one, today’s the first time I’ll publish a song of my own in this blog, that I’ve been working on for a while and decided to record some stuff today.
Actually, this song was to be played by a full rock band but, I decided to do a only-synth version out of it and it’s working pretty well so far.

Remember, this is a rough mix without drums and everything. I’ve just finished this first section right now, 1 o’clock in the morning and will continue to work on it along the way. So, please, don’t get really hard on me for that! Hope you like it!

I’m really really tired now, so, I’ll do the patches explanations along the week.

Cya, folks!

JUNO-D – Orchestral Patch

•February 12, 2009 • 1 Comment

Sound Demonstration

Patches Demo nº 7 (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance – Main Theme)

Hello you guys again!
It’s been a while since I last post here, I know, many things going on these days and I’ll tell you guys (almost) everything about it later on. Now let’s focus on my new patch! :D

Well, inspired by a friend on Jordan Rudess’ forum on Orkut, who did an amazing job mixing together his KORG OASYS and the totally awesome VSTi Symphobia by ProjectSAM to get a REALLY huge and awesome orchestral sound, I decided to take my little JUNO-D – yeah, I know it’s not much but… it’ll do the job – and create a nice orchestral patch.
Of course it’s not even close to what César did, but, hope you guys like it.

To give you guys a simple explanation of what the patch is made, I’ll tell you it’s a simple combination of a string ensemble and a brass ensemble. The timpani you hear was recorded separately.

If you guys want to check out César’s awesome job, just watch this video:

César Zolhof rocking his OASYS and Symphobia

That’s if for today,
Cya, guys!

Happy Birthday to myself

•January 13, 2009 • 2 Comments

Insanity reaching the max!

Today is my 19th birthday! I’m very happy and looking foward for the day!
I’ve already recieved lots of wishes from people I like very much and the day has just begun! It’s good to know when people you care about feel the same way for you.

Anyway, thank you all guys for sharing this space with me and reading all this shit stuff here. Hope you continue with me a long long time!


Cya, folks!